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Best Back Exercises For Men In 2020

We know that a lot of people are becoming health conscious these days. In the race of becoming fit and healthy, doing a proper exercise has become every individual’s go-to routine. Exercise plays a pivotal role in enhancing physical wellness and overall body development. One needs to be regular with exercise to see achievable results. Whether it’s back exercises or full-body exercises, almost everyone starting to get into the fitness regime.

It is a good sign that people are encouraging themselves to stay fit. 

Exercise has many advantages; It helps one get back in shape by reducing excess body fat, but it also helps make one active and feels energetic most of the time. With regular exercise, and hitting the macros, one can keep their health problems at bay and can lead a healthy lifestyle.

But if exercise is done inappropriately, then it can lead to serious health problems of which consequences would be unbearable at times. It is always recommended to do it under expert guidance. Or if you are doing at home, then follow the proper method of doing it.  

Exercise has been proven to ward off back pain and other health problems. 

Did you know that a majority of people only focus on abs and legs and ignore back exercises? Back exercise is equally important. Building a good body plays a significant role in establishing the strength in your body.

There are specific back exercises that one needs to do correctly; otherwise, you will have a high probability of injuring your back and putting yourself in trouble.

Benefits Of Back Exercises

  1. They reduce lower back pain by strengthening your core, shoulders, and spins; the back exercises will enhance the rear and ease the lower back muscles as well.
  2. Encourage your weaker muscles to grow by helping boost the strength that you may not expect. Remember bench presses? Additionally, your shoulder muscles will be strengthened as well. 
  3. Helps develop your V-shaped physique alongside a more pronounced check and bigger arms, it is every man’s dream to have a V-shaped physique and back exercises will help you achieve that.
  4. Back exercises will help you reduce the risk of injury when doing your workout routines. Since a significant part of our community has desk jobs and commute long ways, back exercises help reduce pain and risk of injury, making you focus better and work more efficiently. 
  5. Adding to that, it also helps you fix your posture if you are spending most of your week in front of your computer, slapping your keyboard. You are most likely to have a bad posture and muscle imbalance. Back exercises will most likely fix your posture and that desk hunch.

Six Important Back Exercises You Must Do At Least Once Per Week

Here we talk about the exercise, and instead of making you read, we want to show them to you.

Dumbbell single-arm row

For this, you only require a dumbbell to do the exercise. 

Repeat this for 30 times or more according to your strength. Do not go extra if you are a beginner. Anything beyond your threshold can do more harm than good.

Chest -Supported Dumbbell Row

Struggling in keeping your spine sat 180 degrees or straight and unable to keep your chest strong. Then this is the right exercise for you. This will help you to build strength and help you to execute your training in the right way.

This is one of the upper back exercises.

In this, your chest gets support from the bench, and your back is isolated. In this, your entire focus shifts to your arms and dumbbells, and less you need to worry about your posture.

All you have to do is to sit on the elevated bench that is slightly inclined as displayed.

Now grab the dumbbells and keep your chest tight and robust.

While pulling the dumbbells, make sure you squeeze your hips and make a right angle with your elbow. Your final posture should match the person, as shown in the image above.

Hold this posture for one or two seconds and repeat.

Bent-Over Dumbbell

In this back workout for men, you have to pull the dumbbells from both your arms with your back making a right angle. Follow the posture, as shown in both the video. 

In the first picture on the left side, this is your initial posture. This how your back and arms are needed to align. Make sure that you don’t loosen up your body. Keep your back and chest tight throughout the exercise. Your back needs to be parallel to the floor

Allow your dumbbells to hang freely according to your arm length. Palms need to face each other. Maintaining this position now slowly pull dumbbells towards you. Pause for a moment or a two, then pull the dumbbell down slowly. 

Repeat this process.

LAT Pulldown Exercise

If you are a beginner seeking the help of a gym instructor for this exercise, stick to his or her instructions thoroughly and follow the steps correctly. Keep your back straight and tight throughout the workout session. And slowly pull up and pull down the bar. You can feel the blood running in your veins throughout your body. Initially, do it under the guidance so that you don’t end up hurting yourself by putting excessive strain.

Behind the Neck Lat Pulldown

This exercise is similar to the LAT pulldown exercise that is just mentioned above. The only difference in this is that you will be bringing down the bar behind your neck. Do it under supervision if you are not an expert. Repeat this process.

Barbel Row

In this exercise, you will require a barbell. Take hold of the barbell with an overhand grip. See the grip carefully in the picture above.

Lock your hips and knees tight, hinge on them. Keep your back parallel to the floor. Don’t make your back round. It should be straight and parallel, as shown in the figure.

Now slowly and steadily pull the barbell towards your abs and squeeze your shoulders outwards. Pause for a moment or two, then slowly come back to your original posture.

Repeat this phenomenon ten times, at least, depending upon the weight of the barbell.


Pull-ups and chin-ups are very useful to build a V-shaped torso.

This exercise may look simple but can take a lot of your effort. 

For chin-ups, take hold of the bar and pull yourself (your body) up. In chin-up, your grip should be underhand.

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For pull-ups: The process for pull-ups is the same as that of chin-ups. The exception is your grip. Instead of underhand grip, you have to hold the bar with an overhand grip. Besides this, your arms need to comparatively wider while holding the bar.

This exercise is very effective for back shape. 

We hope you will get some regular exercise in your fitness routine and primarily work on your back muscles and improve your overall posture and health. 

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