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Best Tricep Exercises Without Weights In 2020

If you want to grow your arms, then you need to know the best tricep exercises without weights and the ones with weights. One of the best ways to make sure your arm looks toned and muscular is by ensuring you hit all three triceps heads. 

However, before we talk about triceps exercises for mass or to tone, let’s have a discussion about the different heads of the triceps. 

The Three Triceps Heads

So, there are three heads. These are the long head, the lateral head, and the medial head. Each of these heads contribute to making your tricep reflect the horseshoe. This is the shape that you essentially want to achieve. 

Each of these heads play an integral role in structuring the triceps shape. Therefore, it is imperative you perform exercises that hit all three heads. Whether you are doing tricep exercises without weights or with weights, you need to make sure you are working all three heads. 

Primary Muscle and Secondary Muscle

Additionally, this will be a good time for us to know that when you work on your shoulders and your chest, you work your triceps as well. This is one of the reasons why most couple their chest days with shoulders and triceps. 

In such situations, your chest muscles are your primary muscles and your triceps are your secondary muscles. Hence, if you are hitting chest muscles on day 1, you can either hit triceps and shoulders on day 2 or day 3. This way you can make sure your triceps are getting optimally pumped. 

Nevertheless, you can build triceps using both body-weight exercises along with pumping iron. If you only have your body-weight to your discretion, then you need not worry. 

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Most who follow calisthenics actively use only their bodyweight to build their physique. However, sometimes they use additional support like bars and rings. At the end of the day, they completely rely on their bodyweight to build their different body parts. 

When you are doing tricep exercises using bodyweight, remember that there will be a significant amount of pressure on your muscles because you will be putting all of it on the tricep muscles. 

Therefore, working with your bodyweight and working with dumbbells and barbells do have their differences in terms of pressure. Now, let’s look at some of the workouts. 

Tricep Exercises Without Weights 

Here are some workouts and exercises that you can follow to make sure you are hitting all three of the triceps heads. 

Home Tricep Workout (You Can Do Anywhere)

One of the best things about body-weight workouts is that you can do it wherever you want to. During vacations, body-weight workouts are the absolute best.

Hit all your heads to make sure you can get the entire horseshoe look.

Like we said above, calisthenics are the best way to utilize your body-weight to perform some of the best tricep exercises without weights.

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