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Children And Technology: The Pros And Cons

Parents have often wondered what are the implications of children and technology. Most parents reach out and try to find out the pros and cons of children using technology. 

What Are The Pros and Cons of Children and Technology? 

We have listed down the primary pros and cons which will help you understand. 


First, we focus on the positive effects of technology on child development. 

Track Your Children 

One of the pros about children and technology is the ease with which parents can track their movement. In today’s world, every security organization tries to ensure parents are aware of their children’s movement. 

Almost every country has several companies that manufacture smartwatches. It is a strong recommendation that you purchase one and set it up for your child. Additionally, educate them about the importance of keeping it on them at all times. 

Make sure you set it up properly and connect it to your phone. If required, seek help and make sure it’s set up properly. It’s very important that it sends the correct data to your phone. 

Problem-Solving Skills 

One of the primary positive impacts of video games is the ability for a child to develop problem-solving skills. Most of the games that your child plays will come with different levels of difficulty. This encourages them to think and solve each level with strategy.

However, even in this instance, you should keep in mind that not all games are for all ages. Some of the video games in the market contain a significant amount of violence and are not children-friendly. 

Obviously, as and when they grow up, you will be able to introduce them to different games. During the initial days when the mind takes shape, it is best to do prior research about a particular game before allowing your child access to it. 

Helps With Learning 

Technology does not always mean that your child will need to spend time watching cartoons or other content whose only purpose is to entertain. There are several sites and content on the Internet that will actually help your child grow and develop. 

You should sign your children up for certain development classes that take place online. Otherwise, you can sit with them every day for some time and watch videos that help a child expand their horizon. 

Additionally, a number of sites on the internet provide interesting videos on various subjects. Encourage your child to go through such videos and discover their point of interest. 

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Now, let’s have a look at the negative effects of technology on children. 

Technology Can Impact Critical Thinking, Attention Span, and Imagination Skills 

There is no doubt that currently, children are more focused on using technology rather than picking up a book to read. While this might help them become tech-savvy as they grow up, it is proven that technology’s impact on child growth and development isn’t always heading towards a positive direction. 

Studies have shown that children using technology for longer periods of time are limited to reading blocks that have 150 characters or less. As a result, they are not being challenged enough to expand their critical thinking or thoughts. 

On the other hand, digital media does not encourage a child to imagine a situation or a picture. It’s right there in front of their eyes. Yes, they should be exposed to visual arts to help them understand how different scenarios look like. Regrettably, lack of reading results in a serious lack of imagination. 

It is strongly advised that parents set aside a specific time for their children for reading. Taking away the phone or the tablet will never be the solution. Instead of limiting the children to one source, it is highly recommended that they are exposed to both sources to expand their minds. 


One of the negative effects of technology on children is the content that they are exposed to when having access to the Internet. Most of the time children have their tech connected to the wifi. As a result, they have access to more than necessary content, content that is not suitable for them. 

It is crucial that parents keep a track of the kind of content their children are searching for. This way the child will be well-protected from the various degrees of Internet influence, and internet bullying. 

In fact, there are different ways of restricting your child’s access to the Internet. You can put a child-safety restriction on certain websites and content to guarantee your child is safe from social sites. 

To reduce the negative impacts of technology on children you should be aware of what your child is doing on the Internet. Additionally, be aware of the trends that your children have a possibility of interacting with. Most importantly, develop a relationship with them where they can openly tell you about anything that’s bothering them from the Internet. 

Reduces Physical Activity 

Children spending too much time on their electronic devices can lead to a significant reduction in their physical activities. A growing child needs to be physically active for better development. 

Surveys and studies have shown that there are often times when children completely leave physical activities behind. Not only that, but they also neglect the activities that are essential for healthy growth such as sleeping or eating. 

Therefore, to reduce this particular negative technology impact on child growth and development, you should focus on having a schedule for them. It is best that you allow your child to choose the physical activity of their choice. This way they will not feel coerced into doing something they do not wish to. 

Children and technology go hand-in-hand when there is a proper balance. 

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