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Essential Oils To Boost Immune System – The Guide

Do you know that essential oils to boost immune system have been around for a while now? In fact, these essential oils are gaining popularity due to the value it provides to the users. 

Here, we will discuss the essential oils, and how they can benefit the body. Before we gain a deeper insight, let’s have a review of what these oils are. 

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are primarily an alternative for medicine that supports a healthy living. These oils come with plant extracts that hold the capability to provide value to our bodies. 

Basically, it is said that the oils can capture the plant’s essence. The compounds which are added to these oils are aromatic in nature. These provide the unique characteristic to these oils. 

The oils are initially acquired using steam or water distillation. Another method that is used less frequently is cold-pressing. Once these aromatic chemicals have been extracted, it is mixed with a carrier oil. Once this combination comes to its end, the essential oil is ready for use. 

How Do These Oils Work?

The most common practice where essential oils to boost immune system is aromatherapy. In this situation, the individuals inhale the essential oil using different methods. 

The point to note here: You should not swallow essential oils. 

When essential oils are applied to the skin, it interacts with the body in various ways. The skin absorbs the plant chemicals. In fact, if they are applied using the correct method, then essential oils absorption increases. Unfortunately, not enough research has yet been conducted in this section. 

Coming to inhaling the essential oils, these can stimulate the limbic system. This is the part of the brain which plays a key role in our emotions, memory, sense of smell, and even behaviors. Due to this reason, similar smells can help us recall memories and different emotions. 

Furthermore, the limbic system plays a key role in controlling different psychological functions (unconscious). These include heart rate, breathing, and even blood pressure. 

Types of Essential Oils To Boost Immune System 

There are above 90 types of oils that can help with improving the immune system. All of them have their own benefits and uniqueness. 

These are 10 of the most popular essential oils: 

Lavender – relieves stress 

Peppermint – boosts energy 

Sandalwood – calms nerves 

Rose – reduces anxiety 

Bergamot – improves skin 

Chamomile – improve mood 

Tea tree – fights infections 

Ylang-Ylang – treats headaches 

Lemon – aids digestion 

Jasmine – improves libido 

There are specific health benefits that you need to be aware of when using essential oils. 

Stress and Anxiety 

Individuals who suffer from stress and anxiety often turn towards essential oils to keep themselves calm and help with symptoms. 

Even when traditional therapy is great, sometimes essential oils are one of the best additional elements that can help for treating anxiety and stress. 

Unfortunately, if using essential oils helps, the effect lasts a short while. For example, if essential oils are used during a massage, the impact lasts only until the massage lasts. 

Headaches and Migraines 

Studies have shown that headaches and migraines can be reduced after using essential oils. For example, applying lavender or peppermint oil directly to the skin can help with reducing headache pain. 

On top go that, a mixture of chamomile and sesame oil can help with treating migraines and headaches. This is a traditional Persian remedy headache. 

Sleep and Insomnia 

The quality of sleep can be improves due to essential oils. Survey reveals that smelling lavender oil can help with the sleep quality of women after pregnancy, patients with heart diseases, and others. 

Lavender is specifically known to improve sleeping habits. 

Reduce Inflammation 

Essential oils possess the capacity to fight inflammatory conditions. There are tests which confirm the anti-inflammatory aspect of the oils. 

Unfortunately, further research needs to be done upon this subject so that their effective as and safety is effectively measurable. 


Essential oils aren’t new to the market. You will be able to find essential oils almost everywhere you go. However, you need to be aware of the different types of oils and how they might affect you. 

We suggest using it at a negligible amount and waiting for a while so understand how it affects you. Not everyone will be able to use essential oils to boost immune system. 

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