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How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency? | The Guide

Do you know how to raise your vibrational frequency? There are several ways how you can do it, but before we get into that you need to know the law of vibration and the role it plays in our lives. 

What Does Raising Vibration Mean? 

As we know, everything around us is made up of energy. This energy works based on the law of vibration. Therefore, when you are taking your vibration to a higher frequency, you are essentially changing your energy rate. 

Basically, this rate of vibration depends on your emotional, physical, and mental state. You can change your vibration frequency once you change the way you feel and think. 

It has been scientifically proven that our thoughts have the ability to change various physical properties of different objects around us. Hence, the thoughts and intentions we experience on a daily basis have a role to play in our daily lives and the physical world around us. 

High Vibration And Low Vibration 

Finally, you need to know about two types of vibrations – High and Low. 

High vibrational intentions include feelings such as love, hope, and compassion. The higher the vibration, the higher will be the frequency. 

On the other hand, low vibrational intentions are hate, anger, and fear. These feelings have the power to manipulate a physical matter as well. 

How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency? 

Here are certain ways that will help you achieve a higher frequency. 

Let Love Flow Through You 

using love to raise your vibrational frequency

One of the best ways to increase your vibrational frequency is by thinking about the person you love. When you think about the person who makes you happy and the person you love, it makes you feel light. 

This feeling is the shift that you need when trying to increase your vibrational frequency. It is said that love has the power to pull you out of the deepest ditch if you give it a chance. 


how to raise your vibrational frequency with meditation

It is important that you train your mind to be present with you. This helps you resonate with the truth. Once you meditate, you’ll be able to calm your mind from worrying about the past or the future. 

The calmness and mindfulness that meditation brings with itself are extremely important in terms of attaining higher frequency. It improves your mood and helps your nervous system. This practice genuinely helps with raising your vibrational frequency. 

Reduce Consumption Of Alcohol 

Alcohol has the power to make you feel good temporarily. Unfortunately, alcohol plays a role in lowering your frequency. Hence, it is strongly advised that you steer clear of alcohol. 

Furthermore, reducing consumption and finally eliminating it will help you get rid of toxins as well. Replace any unhealthy habit you have with a healthier one. You will soon feel the change in your energy levels. 


When you play the blame-game, it lowers your energy. This will hamper your frequency as well. It is said that blame ranks at 15 when considered the emotional impact. 

Therefore, you must practice forgiving others. The more you forgive and let go of the grudge, you will be able to release a significant amount of low energy from your body. The low energy from holding grudges and blaming others will wright you down. 

Consume High-Vibe Food, Music, Books, Movies 

Anything that you expose your body to will be consumed by it. Everything you let your body consume is a life force energy. 

To ensure you are not consuming any form of “dead” energy, you need to surround yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables. They should be local and organic. This will help your body vibrant and make you feel alive.

On top of that, the movies you watch or the books you read should not bring you down. At the end of it, you should feel uplifted and it should not add any form of anxiety or negative emotions. It is important to be selective about entertainment as these have a serious impact on our minds. 

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Leave The Technology Behind For A While 

Social media can have a seriously depleting impact on your mind. It has the power to expose you to negative visuals and words. These can bring your vibrational frequency low. 

It is important to have a tech detox. Do not let technology interfere with your peace of mind. It is completely acceptable to pull yourself away from the dark side of technology and let your mind breathe. 

Nurture Your Creative Side 

how to raise your vibrational frequency using art and creativity

A popular recommendation for how to raise your vibrational frequency is by taking a dive into your creative side. 

Sometimes we become too focused on our work life that we forget a creative end exists in all of us. It is important to make sure we nurture this end and bring out the best in us. 

You should create anything your heart wants. To raise your frequency means to let your heart run wild for a while and do what it takes to make yourself happy and feel light. 

Embrace Nature 

Mother Earth has healing properties and there is no denying that. Whether you go for a quick walk outdoors or you take a vacation to the beach, it will work tremendously in helping you attain a raise in vibrational frequency. 

Nature can help with your frequency if you let yourself get lost in the serene beauty and peace that it has to offer.

Notice The Beautiful Things 

When you are working on yourself and your feelings, you should work on how you view things. The world around you will come with its dark side, but it’s your responsibility to find beauty. 

Once you notice the beautiful things around you, it will lighten your mood. A good mood has a beneficial impact on productivity as well. You must never succumb to the negativity around you, it’s time to take control! 

Have Vibing Relationships

how to raise your vibrational frequency with relationships

Whether it’s friendship or a romantic relationship, none of them should drain you of your energy. There is no good outcome from an unhealthy and toxic relationship. 

Surround yourself with individuals who praise you, lift you, and have your back. Staying around loved ones and good people is another top recommendation for how to raise your vibrational frequency. 

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