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the full time family project

They call themselves the MacFam! Parents Lal and Heidi with their three girls Samunthi (Sami), Nadikka (Nadi), and Lalani (Lani or Baby Bear). 

Their mission in life is forever staying a With mum and dad working remotely from wherever they find themselves in the world, as parenting their three kids comes before any other responsibility and their priority. 

They reside in the Noosa Hinterland Region, after leaving Sydney in 2018, for a quieter, warmer lifestyle that was closer to nature. They live on a property where they don’t rely on town water or the average sewerage system. They have a small vegetable garden, and full disclaimer here, Heidi is not a fan of gardening yet she does love plants! In fact the couple have a Vegan Catering brand, Get Stuffed on Plants doing corporate catering for retreats in the local Queensland region. Heidi loves educating people on making plants tasty and overall reducing meat and animal consumption as this collective practice would have a drastic positive impact on the environment. 

They are a very health conscious family, always outdoors living an active lifestyle. Heidi often is trialling different health fads and newest evidence based practice on herself and often inflicting them upon Lal too. Dedicated to healing both the planet and others they often share their latest findings and tricks for the average mum and dad! Watch out for Heidi, she gives anything a go once!  

Lal and Heidi met each other at 15. Complete opposites found themselves the unlikely childhood sweethearts who survived puberty together and married in 2006. At 27 they became parents for the first time. They found themselves in the rat race so many talked about, yet they had no understanding of what that felt like, until they did. A big mortgage that took a dual income to manage, had Heidi nursing around the baby, and Lal on a work site 6 days a week.

They quickly realised this life wasn’t conducive to the dreams they spoke of in high school. But they knew no other way, and they plugged away until their second daughter arrived before their 30th birthdays. Two kids, a big mortgage, childcare costs, rising living costs, life got hard. The pair were not interested in ordinary and realised childcare centres were raising their children. 

In 2013 Heidi and Lal went into a home based business and life turned around. They retired from their employee positions within a year of finding the business model and started to upgrade their life. They found a new home, travelled around the world, and trained their business from stages nationally. They have assisted other families stream additional incomes, their passion lies helping others create what they have created. 
They promised themselves never to return to the life society had them living. They everyday work from their home, planes, caravans and alongside their now three girls providing an income remotely from an office or a boss. Their mission isn’t to make millions, although they already have many times over, but to empower other parents to be that full time family. Finding income streams from their computer to support their families and provide that quality time that really is priceless. 
Heidi is a Registered Nurse, Lal from construction, they may have different backgrounds professionally yet their ethics and values align. Their brand is about Health and Happiness, Environment and Sustainability, Opportunities and Business, all aligning back to their mission to create more full time families.

They are The Full Time Family Project