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Technology Impact On Child Growth And Development: How To Control It?

Technology impact on child growth and development has been one of the debated topics of the recent couple of years. The primary reason being that due to the increase in use of technology among the older family members, there is a minimum possibility of keeping children away from technology and electronic devices. 

Therefore, as parents it is significantly important to understand the positive and negative effects of technology on child development. It is important that children are guided towards the right direction in regards to technology. 

To understand how to guide your children, you first need to know the positive and negative effects of technology on child development. 

Technology Impact On Child Growth And Development 

So, coming back to what we said, let’s understand the positive and negative effects of technology. 

Positive Impact Of Technology on Children 

technology impact on child growth and development

Technology helps children to be safe since almost every electronic device can be tracked. 

Furthermore, technology can help a child learn faster and better. Studies have shown that children who use technology have a better capacity of learning. 

Next, there are several courses for children online which are suitable for them to develop and grow themselves. Obviously, if you are signing up your children to such courses, make sure you are present as well. 

Additionally, technology can be a good and responsible way for children to nurture their young minds. In such scenarios, you need to be present so as to make sure that your child is receiving the right lesson or morals. 

Negative Impact Of Technology on Children 

Now that we have gone through the positive, let’s go through negative. 

The power of imagination and creativity goes down significantly whenever a child restricts themselves to technology. 

This is because of overuse of technology. When a child only sticks to technology, they barely find the time to read. 

Engaging in reading from a young age can truly improve the creativity and imagination of a child. 

A decline in daily reading can lead to a decrease in critical thinking. It’s very important a child develops this skill from an early age as well. 

Therefore, it is imperative that a particular time during the entire day is set aside for them to read a book, any book. 

How To Battle The Impacts Of Technology?

When it’s about technology, the first thing to know is that children cannot be kept away from it. The world is becoming digital and it is obvious that children will come in contact with electronic devices. 

What can be done is restrict what they can get their hands on. 

First of all, to make sure that your child’s growth and development is not hampered by technology, keep a tab on what your child is doing with their devices. So, the idea is to check the history of their devices and the browser history frequently. This way you’ll know the type of content they are exposing themselves to. 

Knowing this will help you understand how to regulate the way your children are using technology. 

Next, to understand the impact technology is having on your child’s growth and development, talk to them about what they are doing on their devices on a daily basis. 

Talking to them on a daily basis can help them open up to you. It’s much better for them to know that they can come to you about anything to come across and have questions about from the Internet. 


technology impact on child growth and development

It’s very important to understand that positive and negative effects of technology on child development are directly related to how much restriction is placed upon their access. 

While it’s true that all of it cannot be restricted, most of it can be. 

Furthermore, it should be normal practice to teach them right and wrong content from the very beginning. This way they’ll be much more vigilant about what they are exposing their minds to. 

Additionally, show them the sites they can visit for good content. That takes away the need for them to search the Internet by themselves. This could cut down the chances of them coming across something that is not suitable for them. 

It’s absolutely okay to let your children be around technology, there’s no stopping them. Unfortunately, with the way the world is becoming and the different types of content that is generally making its way round the internet. 

Technology impact on child growth and development can definitely be controlled with the proper restrictions. 

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