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The Best Routines For Leg HIIT Workouts

Leg HIIT Workouts are one of the better routines that you can come across. Each of these HIIT workouts are built to increase your strength, power, and endurance. Furthermore, you will be able to shred fat in an effective way by following HIIT routines. 

However, before we take a look at the various leg workouts, let’s have a quick discussion about HIIT in general. 

What Is HIIT?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a form of workout which manipulates your heart rate in order to boost your metabolism.

Therefore, the process to follow is going one half of the designated time at 100% power and then the other half bringing it down to 20% or 15%. This way your heartbeat rises and you have an effective metabolism working throughout. 

Next, you need to repeat this for 8 to 10 times. This is the most average number of rounds that is followed. However, it is recommended beginners go for 5 to 6 rounds and then you build from there. Keep adding rounds as your endurance becomes better. 

What Are The Benefits of HIIT?

Now, you need to know the benefits of HIIT workouts before you start implementing them in your workout routine. 

Improves Endurance and Stamina 

Helps with increasing Power and Strength

Assists Massively in Fat Burning

Works on Improving your Overall Body Toning 

An Effective Form of Cardio 

Possibility of Muscle Gain

Metabolism Remains High even After 24 hours

Ensures there is Improvement in Oxygen Consumption

Paves way for Reducing Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure 

Burn a High Amount of Fat in a Smaller Time Span 

What Are Leg HIIT Workouts? 

These are the HIIT Workouts that primarily focus on your lower body. 

You must always focus as much on leg workouts as much you give to your other body parts. The upper body and lower body both have their own HIIT workout routines. 

The leg muscles are one of the bigger muscles of our body. Working that with HIIT routines will benefit our bodies in numerous ways. On top of that, when you work your leg muscles, it pretty much works core as well. 

Additionally, you must always remember that when you want to improve your endurance and power, it shouldn’t only be in terms of your upper body. You need to make sure your lower body’s endurance improves as well. 

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Here Are Some Lower Body HIIT Workouts That You Must Try

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Whether you want to do bodyweight workouts or use weights, you must remember to keep your form right. Each exercise you do will have its own form, and that is quite a crucial part. This is the primary way of making sure you do not injure yourself. 

So, before you start trying to add extra rounds to your Leg HIIT Workouts, ensure that whatever exercises you are doing, you are doing it correctly. 

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