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The Guide To Powder Multivitamins

One of ways to consume your vitamins will be in the form of powder multivitamins. However, not everyone is aware of what exactly this is. 

So, this is dedicated to knowing what it is, why should consume it, and other aspects of it. 

What Are Powder Multivitamins? 

It is exactly what it sounds like. These vitamins and supplements that come in the form of powders. While some of the powders have flavor, most remain flavorless. 

You can mix this powder with your protein shake, oatmeal, juice, and others. The primary reason why this is a preferred method is because of its solvent capacity. 

Many across the globe detest tablets. This results in no form of vitamins entering their system. Now, of course, it’s possible to attain vitamins through whole foods. However, as we grow older our bodies needs external sources of vitamins to ensure our health remains intact. 

So, powder multivitamins are especially appealing to those who do not like tablets. 

Why Should You Consume Powder Vitamins? 

First, powder multivitamins are extremely easy to consume. Therefore, it won’t be an issue to swallow it. That’s one of the first reasons why you should consider powder versions. 

Second, with traditional multivitamins, you’ll essentially require more than one pill a day. However, with the powder version of the same you will require only one dose daily to achieve the nutritional values which are good for your health. 

Third, powder versions of vitamins can be absorbed by your body much easier. You’ll be able to achieve the nutritional values of the multivitamin within a smaller time frame. 

Since you’ll be essentially having it with food or water, the absorption rate is much better. 

Finally, it’s a better way of taking your vitamins. Popping pills everyday can get tiresome. Especially, if you’re already taking other forms of medication. 

Since the powder multivitamins come in flavor, you’ll have a better time consuming than if you had to constantly have pills everyday. In fact, some of the flavors are quite zesty such as raspberry, lemon and lime, and even orange (the most common one). 

If you’re daily vitamins come in the form of a tasty and flavorsome drink, you’ll want to consume it everyday. 

What Should You Be Aware Of In Powdered Multivitamins? 

When you’re selecting a powdered multivitamin, then you need to be able to determine which is the best one in the market. So, here are a few things you should look out for. 

First, look for the range of nutrients. Try to select one which has a delivery percentage as close to 100 as possible. Furthermore, check out how many of the 13 vitamins are present – Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, and biotin. 

Moreover, some of the other aspects to look out for are the key minerals. These include potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The best powder multivitamins will include these elements as well. 

Next, make sure the powder you’re selecting is aligned with any special needs. For example, you’ll have to be aware that pregnant women, athletes, children, and older citizens might need to focus on specific types of vitamins and minerals. So, in case you’re a vegan, you’ll want to select a powder that is heavy on B-vitamins.

Finally, consider how you want to take your powdered vitamins. So, if you’re taking it with something which is already flavored, then you should opt for a flavorless powder. On the other hand, if you’re having it just by itself then look for the flavored versions. 

Is It Necessary To Consume Powder Multivitamins? 

The reason why vitamins are even emphasized upon is because on a daily basis you’ll not be able to consume the right combination of nutrients everyday. 

On top of that, more or less you’ll find yourself with at least one gap or the other in your nutrition. 

So, it’s a great option to make sure that you are supplementing it on a daily basis. This will definitely be of great aid for your health. You’ll even be able to prevent chronic diseases at a higher level by keeping your vitamins at a good level. 

Nevertheless, circling back to the point – you do not necessarily need to consume powder multivitamins, but if you can it’ll be of extreme benefit to you. 

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