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The Guide To Yoga For runners

Yoga for runners is extremely important. This is because running requires the movement of several joints and muscles. Yoga helps release the right spots. As a result, you are much less prone to injury. 

You can do yoga as a warm up or you can do it as a finisher. Most prefer doing it after a run since it really helps relieve the soreness. Not only does it help your body recover, but also restores the entire range of motion. This will assist you in running much better next time. 

Even experts recommend doing yoga on rest days as well. Be aware that you will feel uncomfortable at the beginning. With time you will become better, and the process will become smoother. 

There are some positions that yoga coaches and specialists in the field recommend. 

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5 Yoga For Runners for Everyone 

These are positions that you should try to do on a daily basis. 

Downward Dog Position 

The primary parts that this stance helps with are claves, hamstrings, foot arches, and shoulders. 

You should repeat this a couple of times to make sure that you release the joints and make sure that the blood flow throughout is activated. 

Toes Squat to Ankle Stretch 

This position and switch will help with ensuring that you strengthen the shins and arches of your feet. This way you are less likely to be injured while running. 

However, be careful when doing it. This is because you will feel a stretch on your shins and arches, but then make sure you release the stretch before it goes too far.

Reclining Pigeon 

One of the primary reasons why this is recommended is because it exclusively helps with releasing the tension and tightness of the hips. 

The better state your hips are in, the better will be the running. It will be truly great for the muscles to relax and tension to be released. This will assist with recovery and ensure you do not injure yourself. 

Reclining Spinal Twist 

The spinal reuse will help you relax the lower back along with stretching the glutes. 

Considering this is the lower back, it will help you to strengthen the muscles there. The more you do it, the better the blood flow. This blood flow will ensure that you have a better posture when you are going for your runs. 

This is one on the list for yoga for runners which benefits you overall and prevents you from injuring yourself. 

Reclining Hand to Big Toe

The particular yoga movement helps with stretching the hamstrings. The more you do this, the lesser will be the chances of you injuring yourself when going forward the run. 

However, be careful during this one. You will not want to put too much pressure on your hamstrings right after a run because those muscles are still worked up. It is imperative that the pressure you put on it isn’t heavy. Otherwise there is a higher chance of you injuring yourself. 

Legs Against The Wall 

This particular movement will relieve the tension in the back, feet, and legs. Moreover, it will help with stretching the hamstrings and glutes. 

This should be done as a finisher movement. This relaxes the tension almost at every part from your back to your lower back and your legs. Hence, when you do it you should use this as a movement that wraps up everything. 


There are benefits to indulging in yoga when you are running on a daily basis. Yoga is helpful when it comes to making sure you avoid any form of injury. 

You can try to do it before or after or both. It is usually recommended after since it’s really great for recovery. Prior to running you can do some light stretching and some light jogging for the heart rate. 

You should not think that yoga is not helpful. With a proper session of yoga, you can burn at least 400 calories. However, it depends on what you do and how you do it and for how long you do it. 

Yoga for runners is important if you want to avoid injuring yourself in the long run.

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