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The best upper body HIIT exercises

If our goal is to build muscle and burn fat in our body and improve cardio, an upper body HIIT workout is the best option.

Regularly working out the muscles in our shoulders, chest, back, and arms are essential to keeping our upper body healthy.

This exercise gives our muscles definition, and building strength in our upper body makes daily tasks easier to perform, but it also helps improve posture and bone health.

What is HIIT? 

HIIT is High-Intensity Interval Training. These workouts involved performing in activity at around a hundred percent effort for less than 60 seconds then resting for short periods in between sets. 

 So will switch from an interval of high-intensity to an interval of low intensity or less. This workout allows you to work your maximum level of effort and gets a bit of time to rest before it forces you to get back to your maximum levels again.

For example, this workout helps to reap benefits or possibly even more benefits from a 20-minute workout compared to an hour-long workout, pretty much saving 40 min every time.

 If you are looking for maximum results in minimum time, a HIIT workout is the best workout. 


This workout is the best workout to burn calories in less period. You are making your maximum efforts, then take a short break or less time, and more calories are burnt in a short period compared to the traditional workout routine.

 After this workout, your body burns calories at a higher rate. This workout burns three times more calories than a traditional workout until the next 24 hours. This high-intensity interval period is so intense that the body creates a metabolic disturbance.

 This workout is the best workout for cardiovascular and pulmonary health. It also increases cardiovascular endurance.

 Unlike traditional cardio HIIT workout can increase your muscle content.

 HIIT also decreases insulin resistance and increases glucose uptake.

 This particular exercise does not require any equipment and can be done anywhere at any time.

How often should a HIIT workout be done? 

 It is advised that HIIT workout should be done two to three times our maximum of four times a week as this workout is intense our body requires an ample amount of time to recover from the workout.

 Too much of HIIT workout has a high risk of getting injuries around knees hips joints, and most of it is because of poor technique or overworking our muscles.


As HIIT is an intense workout routine, we need our body to prepare by doing a warmup, which could mean doing windmills, spinal rotations, and arm circles. Walking or jogging are light cardio exercises that can also be done as a warmup exercise to improve your heart rate before the Upper Body HIIT Exercise. 

few upper-body exercises that can be combined and designed as one of HIIT workouts are, 

Bear crawl

  Upper body exercise challenges muscles throughout the body, but the core and shoulders in specific. This exercise increases heart rate, improves co-ordination and adds cardiovascular benefits.

Burpees with pushups

This exercise aims to build muscle and strength in the upper body targeting the chest, abdomen, arms, and Shoulders.


 Shadowboxing is one of the best exercises to burn calories which targets the chest, arms, shoulders, and leg muscles. It also builds up a lot of muscle mass.

 High low planks

 Doing high low planks improves posture and flexibility and helps Heal back pain. This particular exercise targets the entire upper body and tries to co-ordinate all together.

 jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are one of the most popular exercises for upper body HIIT exercises. It contributes to many cardiovascular benefits balancing the heart rate and maintains blood pressure, particularly with the shoulders and the core.

 mountain climber

 Mountain climbers have been one of the essential exercises since the beginning. This exercise targets the entire body but tones and defines the core and the upper body well. 

To gain the best results from HIIT workout…

 Rest days are a must when having a hit workout routine.

 Having an 8 hours sleep and giving your body time to rest and recover from all your bodywork is a must. 

Being hydrated and getting enough protein is a requirement while undergoing this routine. 

Combining hit workouts with regular work out on your days of rest can make you feel active and briefs better results. 

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