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What Is Kangen Water? A Detailed Description

What is Kangen water? There is a possibility that if you hear the term randomly out of nowhere, you will not be able to answer it. This is a good time to discuss what it is and what are the different benefits and aspects of Kangen water. 

What Is Kangen Water? 

The first thing to understand here is that this term comes into existence following the alkaline water trend. The term Kangen is actually a Japanese word which means “return to origin”. 

So, in the simplest of terms Kangen water is the safest and maybe an expensive way to drink water. It originates from a line of specific water-ionising machines. The machines can actually filter your tap between five different pH ranges. 

The fact that it has the ability to restore the body to its most healthy state is why it is probably known as the best alkaline water as of now. It is branded to be the water that is safest for drinking and cooking. 

Kangen Water Properties

Now that you know what Kangen Water is, you need to know about the properties of the same. 

Everything we consume is made up of certain properties which gives them the nutritional value. Here, we discuss the various properties that make up Kangen water. 

Rich In Hydrogen 

Water which is rich in Hydrogen molecules act as an efficient antioxidant. 

The alkaline water brands use machines which make the process of electrolysis possible. Through this process the tap water transforms itself into hydrogen rich alkaline water. 

Anti-oxidation Properties 


The oxidation process that happens within our body produces a series of free radicals that have affected us rather negatively. 

In such a case, having a source of external antioxidation properties is beneficial to the body. That is why most nutritionists and doctors advice individuals to focus on both the quantity and quality of the water. 


Obviously one of the main properties of Kangen Water is alkaline. The reason is that alkaline helps in maintaining balance, and balance is the key to a healthy life. 

The pH balance that our body needs is 7.4, and this is slightly alkaline. Kangen water has just the right amount of it to make sure it is the healthiest water we consume. 

As a matter of fact, it’s this pH balance which makes Kangen water the best alkaline water in the market as of now. 

What Are The Kangen Water Benefits? 

Kangen Water has several benefits. Some of them might overlap with the ones that are already a part of the wellness and health industry. Let’s not forget that Kangen Water is an addition to the health industry. 

Hydrating Properties 


Kangen water or alkaline water has more hydrating properties when compared to normal water. Therefore, the individuals who require more water on a daily basis can genuinely benefit from drinking Kangen water. 

As per science, the molecules that make up alkaline water are comparatively smaller than the ones that make up normal water. Therefore, these smaller molecules get rapidly absorbed by the body which makes rehydration a quicker process. 

Boosts Immunity 

Alkaline water benefits include boosting your immunity. As we said, this is the healthiest water available in the market. 

HEnce, when you start drinking it, it helps in neutralizing the acid in your body. On the other hand, you can boost immunity by altering your diet as well. 

Kangen water comes with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Both of these minerals help in maintaining the healthy state of the body. Even this aids in boosting immunity. 

Fights Free Radicals

Alkaline water comes with potential antioxidants which actually help in preventing the growth of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are cells that boost aging signs in our body. 

These antioxidants help in fighting the damage that these free radicals have on the cells and make sure that our body retains its healthier state for a much longer span of time. 

Side Effects of Kangen Water 

There are two sides to everything, pros and cons. We have discussed the alkaline water benefits above. Now, let’s discuss the negative side of consuming alkaline water. 

Reducing Natural Acid 

As discussed, consuming alkaline water or Kangen water makes sure that the body can neutralize the stomach acids. 

However, if you consume too much of it then it can cross over to killing the bacteria which actually help in expelling pathogens from your body. 

Gastrointestinal Issues 

While alkaline water is good for the over health and can take it to a healthier state, too much alkaline can result with skin irrational and gastrointestinal issues. 

Not only will it lead to these two, but also can have an affect on the body’s normal pH. This leads to a condition known as metabolic alkalosis. 

The symptoms for this include nausea, hand tremors, vomiting, confusion, and muscle twitching. 

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This is a condition which is a result of bone health getting impacted. This is an uncommon area to cover when talking about what is Kangen water but it’s important to know about this. 

As we discussed earlier, alkaline water comes with a significant amount of calcium. While calcium is good for healthy bones, there needs to be free calcium as well. 

Therefore, if a huge amount of calcium that your bones get comes from alkaline water, the free calcium in the body will reduce. This leads to hypocalcemia. 

However, it’s a good time to inform you that this side effect is not that common and to actually reach this state you will not to drink an exorbitant amount of alkaline water. 

Who Makes Kangen Water? 


Now that you are aware of it and the alkaline water benefits, it’s time to know about the distributor of the water-filtration machines which makes the production of it possible. 

Enagic – the company which has been distributing water filtration machines and alkaline ionizers for over four decades is the trademark holder of Kangen Water

The company claims that once you understand what is Kangen water, you will definitely want to make it a part of your daily habit due to its health properties.  

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